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Streetview Ireland

Strange and unusual sights from streetview Ireland (and around the world)

Anglo Irish Streetview

The shamed Anglo Irish Bank and its branches is and are no more.
The now iconic signage has long since been taken down from these branches but Google Streetview again delivers…for posterity etc.

Anglo Dublin: 18/21 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 

Link to streetview

Anglo Cork: Anglesea Street, Cork, Co. Cork

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Anglo Galway: Forster Street, Galway, Co. Galway

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Anglo Limerick: 98 Henry Street, Limerick

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You are now entering Muff

I’d throw on a pair of wellies just to be on the safe side.

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And what else would you be doing in Muff….trimming your bush that’s what.

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DON’T PANIC! It’s one of us.

The Google Streetview car pays visit to the guys in 1GC i.e. Google’s engineering building on the Grand Canal in Dublin 2. (h/t to Declan)

Nerdgasims ensue.

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I’ll have a large Papa’s Pepperoni, hold the cocaine!

CCTV footage released of what is alleged to be Michaella McCollum making her way back to her hotel, the San Agustin Colonial, in Lima Peru. Coincidentally Google have just launched Streetview in Peru! So there ya go, safe to have a look around without fear of kidnappers.

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The Disappearing Accident

And like that it’s gone!

^Credit: thanks Declan

Google Streetview 8-bit for NES

You have got to hand it to Google, they never fail to deliver on April 1st.

Conolly’s Folly (Baois Uí Chongaile) Co.Kildare #MOI7

Interesting story behind this Obelisk which was built in 1740 to give the locals something to do besides starve and/or emigrate during the famine years of 1740/1741. 

Cork’s Suicide Bridge

Rooves Bridge, on the road from Coachford to Bandon in Cork, is the longest bridge over the river Lee. But, it’s famous locally for a different and much more tragic reason. 

The barriers were put in place in an effort to discourage or make it more difficult for people to jump off.


Tralee, Co.Kerry

There ya are

Inniscarra, Co. Cork

What’s the story with Mullingar & Shopping Trolleys?

All (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) found in and around the environs of Mullingar with very little searching. 

This phenomena put us to thinking. Shopping Trolleys and Google Street View…hmmmm. And here’s the result, Street View Ireland’s first spin off: 


Feel free to submit any shopping trolleys you spot in Ireland or around the world on Google Street View. 

http://svtrolley.tumblr.com a SV Ireland Production. 

Giant Shoes in Mullingar

Spotted in Dalton Park, of pitched traveller battle fame, in Mullingar Co. Westmeath.

Link to streetview 

Mullingar Town AFC

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Google Streetview Goes Underground…literally!

Breaking with tradition* here a little bit. First post on Streetview Ireland showing a location not in Ireland but we felt it was too awesome not to share. Google streetview Japan in their infinite awesomeness have added two underground locations in the form of natural caves and man made mines in Japan. 

Link to streetview

Link to streetview

*Dont worry folks we haven’t run out of Irish streetview locations just yet, but as is our want we will bring you strange, unusual and interesting sights from Streetview Ireland (and now beyond…the odd time like!).

The winter we didn’t have…

…this winter just gone by at least!

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